Providers - EFT

Are there any associated fees the provider will incur with the EFT service?

Yes and No, ActivHealthCare does not charge the provider for the EFT service, but the provider may be charged a small transaction fee by their bank. On the EFT provider authorization form, each provider is advised to verify with their bank any banking service fees that may be incurred.

Can you deposit funds in multiple bank accounts?

Each provider can only select one account into which to have payments deposited.

Will ActivHealthCare be able to retrieve funds from a provider’s bank account?

ActivHealthCare cannot retrieve funds from a provider’s bank account, except for an EFT reversal. To ensure that funds cannot be retrieved, the provider can contact their bank and request that a debit block be put on their bank account. However, EFT deposits can be reversed if the reversal is requested within 5 business days. This is only done in extreme limited situations, and only if the EFT transaction is found to be incorrect. The reversal can only be for the amount of the original EFT transaction.

Will there be a receipt for the EFT?

An EFT draft will be produced and will be available via our Provider Portal, which can be accessed from our website.

What needs to be done if there are any banking changes or if the customer wants to discontinue the EFT service?

The provider must give a written 30-day notice of any changes to the EFT service. If there is a change, please complete a new EFT form and fax it to (678)736-8186. Please indicate the form is changing information by writing a note on the fax cover sheet or margin of the form that you are changing information on the form.

After enrolling for the EFT service, how long will it take for the service to be activated?

It will take approximately 30 days after ActivHealthCare receives the authorization form until the EFT service is operational. The provider must go through a pre-notification process with the bank to test that the setup is accurate.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about EFT enrollment?

Providers may contact their Customer Service Representative or may email your question to or you may use the contact us area of our website.