Providers - General

What is the benefit of joining AHC?

There are many advantages to being an AHC or I-AHC member. Some of these include:

How do I join AHC or I-AHC?

Please refer to the credentialing information or contact our office at (770) 455-0040. You may also contact us and request information. We will answer your questions and send you marketing information and the necessary forms for joining the network.

How do the AHC network affiliations benefit you?

These companies build a large group of preferred providers and sell the rights to access the providers to insurance carriers, third party administrators, and employee benefit plan administrators. The plan participants (or patients) of the employee benefit plans that are using these contracted networks refer to the PPO directory or provider list when they need to select a participating provider. If you are a member of AHC, your name is listed in the directory. In other words, you get more patients.