What are my chiropractic benefits?

This is a great question. It should be easy to answer, but it is not. Every benefit plan is different. Some have chiropractic benefits, some do not. Some plans have a limit on the number of visits, some limit the amount paid or allowed per visit, and some limit both.

To get an accurate answer to this question, you should do two things:

Consult your Plan Summary Description or Benefit Plan Booklet. Read it carefully, paying close attention to what is not covered under the Plan Exclusions. In many cases, these booklets are just summaries. If they are complete they are often difficult to understand, even if you work within the insurance industry.

Call the customer service or insurance verification phone number located on your insurance identification card. Do not rely on a co-worker or supervisor for answers on this issue. They may be wrong. Ask the company administering the benefits. Be sure to tell them your problem and, if an accidental injury, how it happened. Benefits often vary depending on the reason for the treatment.

You want to clarify your financial responsibility. Ask about deductibles, co-pays, in-network benefits, and plan limitations. Obtaining this information before incurring treatment will help you avoid frustration later.

When you show up for treatment or schedule an appointment, the chiropractor's office will usually verify this information also. You can ask them questions to make sure you have the same answers.