Should I join other networks that compete with AHC?

AHC does not restrict providers from joining other networks. But there several points to consider. The large number of competitive networks is a driving force in lowering fee schedule. By supporting other networks, you are limiting AHC's ability to obtain fee schedules on your behalf. A network only exists because you join it. If AHC was the exclusive network for chiropractic, our ability to secure contracts on your behalf would greatly increase and many more carriers and clients would turn to us for access to you.

If you must join other networks, be careful in deciding which you join. We frequently hear providers complain about low reimbursements or excessive utilization review from other networks. These networks have the contracts they have only because providers join them and support them. Sometimes these networks offer lower fee schedules than those already contracted with AHC. Remember, you will be reimbursed at the lowest fee schedule. Pay close attention to the AHC list of network affiliates. This will help you avoid joining duplicate networks.