What does AHC do for its member providers?

AHC is working very hard for its member providers. We do this as a group and on an individual basis. Our primary focus is to secure managed care contracts to ensure that patients are directed or steered to our member chiropractors. This is done by offering our chiropractic network to other comprehensive networks, i.e. MultiPlan, PHCS, First Health, and Coventry. We refer to these networks as our Network Affiliates. AHC works to obtain favorable fee schedules and contract terms. AHC is currently marketing to networks throughout the Southeast.

AHC credentials individual chiropractors on behalf of our network affiliates. This allows the provider to credential only one time and have the benefits of multiple networks. Also, if an individual chiropractor has a problem with one of our network affiliates, or vice a versa, AHC is there to serve as an intermediary to explain and resolve the issue.