Do I have to use Office Ally to submit my claims?

No, but if you use a clearinghouse other than Office Ally for your ActivHealthCare claims, you will need to submit paper claims to ActivHealthCare. Otherwise, the claims may be processed as out of network and denied.

    There is one exception. Trizetto has worked out an arrangement with Office Ally. It does require provider to enroll with Office Ally and complete paperwork which must be submitted through ActivHealthCare. Trizetto should be able to assist you in this process. You must test process with ActivHealthCare. Please call Activ to coordinate enrollment and testing.

Our website training at thoroughly covers how to format the address. If you have questions, call (770) 455-0040.

    • If you submit claims on paper, be sure to review the training presentations to avoid unnecessary delays.
    • If you use Office Ally, the format for Peach State Health Plan, Ambetter, or Allwell, see the format in the question above, How do I Submit Claims?
    • If you use a billing service, be sure they are properly trained. Most of the claim problems we see originate with billing services not knowing how to work with ActivHealthCare.