How do I identify AHC claims?

Review the list of Network Affiliates, or PPOs, found on this website. If the patient is covered by a benefit plan or carrier that uses one of the Network Affiliates, and the instructions on the corresponding Term Summary Sheet says to submit claims to AHC or I-AHC, then you should identify the claims to OA by placing the AHCØ1 (for AHC) or AHCØ2 (for I-AHC) prefix in front of the payer name on the CMS-1500.

We have included a list of the network logos on our website to help. If you see one of these logos on an identification card, then the claim should be submitted with AHCØ1 (AHC) or AHCØ2 (I-AHC) in front of the payer name at the top of the CMS-1500.

This step is critical. If it is not done properly at the provider office level, there may be numerous payment errors or delays in payment to your office.