Why does ActivHealthCare use and recommend Office Ally for Electronic Billing?

There are many options for submitting claims electronically. ActivHealthCare researched several clearinghouses before deciding to use Office Ally. We decided on Office Ally for four reasons:

    1. Recommendation from a trusted source;
    2. Low cost for our network Providers and us;
    3. Technical knowledge and ability to meet our needs; and,
    4. Providers can use Office Ally for almost all claims.

Office Ally did custom programming for ActivHealthCare, which allows claims to reach the insurance payer the same day it reaches us. Over the past several years, Office Ally has modified that programming to account for NPI verification which reduces claim rejections by payers. Last month, Office Ally programmed the Taxonomy Code to meet the Peach State Health Plan requirements.

If you are using any clearinghouse other than Office Ally, we are unable to accept your claims electronically. Other clearinghouses will not be able to run your claim through the special programming done by Office Ally and required by ActivHealthCare. They must be submitted on paper to us, which is much slower.